Our Approach

We are learning everyday.  Sometimes, discover and create  and innovate.

An instance or an experience may seem so ordinary, yet it can be times when one just ponders or maybe just enjoy the moment or even a point which helps you face challenges, you thought you couldn't.

We welcome you to share varied interests in different arts or crafts, maybe long lost and forgotten, sewing, painting.... or even newer ones in the digital world.

Let's grow our Community of learning and sharing!

Our Story

Life for the common man with a job, trying to make ends meet or who cannot afford to set up a small business, is a constant struggle at almost every stage.  Even more so for single parents, who have to cope with various constraints.

Few friends, neighbors and colleagues, encouraged and supported us along our journey.  I was fortunate...

So, let's grow a community that encourages one another to go on, know that a simple lifestyle can also bring in joy.  Relish and value the life  you live, wherever you are.  Count your little blessings and KEEP GOING!

We seek to encourage and motivate one and all to enjoy the simple opportunities of joy that life brings to us, even amongst our busy & hectic schedules.

Visit our Blog for different experiences, expression of thought, cooking. etc. 

We will keep posting different articles here on varied topics, seeking to inspire through our blog section. We hope to bring back the habit of  maintaining hobbies, through our DIY page,  quality time with family at home, through our simple recipes and innovative ideas for your home.





Next Steps...